The Gold and the Silver

It took me some time to figure out my post for Day 3 at Writing 101, not because I found the prompts (Secret, Treasure, Regret, Home, Uncertainty and Love) less inspiring – actually they were a bit too inspiring, and I had to take all this time to narrow down on just one of them!

While hovering over the six simple words on my computer screen, I realized that I always wanted to write a post dedicated to my parents but was waiting for a context to post it (Who does that? I do.).

All good things come in small little packages. And the inspiration to finally write this post came enveloped in one of those words. I swear, these prompts are magical!

I’ve always been asked this question and I’m sure most of you have been too – “Who’s your favourite? Mama or Papa?” – I’d always say, “Both!”, and they’d always say, “Oh! What a diplomatic child!” (Not kidding, but ‘diplomatic’ was probably the first big word I ever learned!)

Today, I’d like to elaborate on that very “Both!”

I’m not experienced at it but I’ve heard that it’s difficult to make marriage and family work if a couple lives at a distance for a long time. For some, there maybe a choice involved. But for Mom and Dad, there have been very few special instances involving choices. The beauty is that they make it work every single time with those limited ones!


I don’t meet my Dad too often. Neither do I talk to him every day. As of this moment, he’s in a different continent, working hard and passionately, maybe for the rest of this and the next month. I see him twice or thrice a year when he comes over for visits that last only for about a week – his bags, stuffed with all kinds of chocolates and elegant bottles with the most exquisite spirits in them!

When he’s not around, he calls once a while to check on me and get an idea of what I’m doing in life and whether or not I’m looking after my ever-increasing weight! He asks me if there’s anything I need – money, clothes, a trip to some place etc. etc. (oh, he can spoil!) Sometimes the conversations end in small little tiffs (typical father-daughter). Sometimes, there’s a smile that lingers on my face, long after that phone call ends! 🙂

As of Mom, she’s here most of the time with me. She used to work a few years ago but left the job so she could spend more time being home. When Dad’s job started demanding his time more, she took a step back and decided to be the dad for the family as well! She’s got to play multiple roles always or else the tree of a family she’s built might wither in no time.

She stresses out every now and then but brings herself back, right after! She’s my coffee buddy, my late night partner, she can spoil as well and the only person who has never, for even a moment, judged or questioned me for what I do. People say, I’m a lot like her in looks but I love it when they say I’m a lot like her even as a person! 🙂

Mom and Dad – the two entities in my life who’ve accepted life the way it came to them. In return, enjoying the joys of bringing up their children – while one does it from a distance; the other, by being around. When they’re together, for however short a period, it’s fun, reunion time. They can seriously bring the house down! 😛

I don’t know if they’re used to it by now or if they just want to forget about everything they’ve worked for and return to a life they dreamt of while they tied the knot, 28 years ago!  I never ask them. They never express it.

Now consider this, everything that goes into a treasure is priceless, invaluable, precious! You wouldn’t want to just have the gold and not the silver, would you?

So, I’m not being diplomatic, but I just choose to keep both the Gold and the Silver in my little treasure!

Ask me again, “Who’s your favourite? Mama or Papa?” and I’m still going to say, “Both!”