Anytime, Anywhere…

Writing, I believe, is as delicate an attribute to life as are emotions and at the same time, they’re both necessary to each other. When I’m emotional, I like to write. It’s better than verbal outbursts! Honestly, ever since I started writing for The Idler Channel, I’ve become a quieter person. Well, at least for some, that’s good news (Y)!

So, coming to ‘where’ I like to write – just about anywhere, as long as I’m in the accompaniment of my laptop or perhaps any digital device. I’m not that good with ‘hand- writing’ so I’d rather prefer typing it out – I know, I’m quite traditionally challenged 😛

Coming to my writing habits – I’m pretty much a night owl but there are times when I need to force myself to write through the night. Those days I just put myself to sleep and wake up to a refreshing cup of morning coffee while sitting across my laptop with a view of the rising sun. It’s beautiful!

typewriter-beachBut there’s one thing that remains constant to my writing – good music! If I don’t have music, I can’t write. It may be a writer’s limitation but hey, we all have weaknesses – soothing instrumental music, preferably played on is my weakness! And I love it!

There are unavoidable distractions every now and then. Like when mom comes in asking for help with laundry just when I’m ready to dispense the words out into my post. Or when my sister, who as of now is an enthusiastic-cutlet ‘coz her wedding’s around the corner, starts cribbing about the fact that I’m not as excited as she is! She knows it isn’t true but she’s always been at the threshold that divides adulthood and childhood, so it’s a normal thing to allege! Awww… the poor hubby 😛

But at times, I fear not having these little irritations around… I  believe that if I choose just one particular space as the only place I can write in, writing would become a monotonous, to-be-done job and I wouldn’t enjoy it as much as I do now!

This post is in response to Writing 101’s Day 6 assignment. I’d like to add that Writing is wonderful and anything wonderful can happen anywhere and at anytime! 😀

I often wonder if I’ve become a little too dependent on Writing 101 for my daily inspirations and posts. I fear what it’s going to be like once the course is over! So, help me out guys! There’s a poll at the end of this post with some options of the stuff I’d like to write about someday. Now that most of you have scavenged through my blog, what’s more you’d like to read from the Idler?