The Idler’s Guide

Fresh out of college, numerous plans working in myriad directions… but just one catch to it- all plans don’t always work and when they don’t, the temptation to idle yourself grows to a full size! Well this is the story so far in my fresh-out-of-college life! Beating the boredom that tries to engulf you in your painfully redundant routine and saving yourself the embarrassment of answering questions from friends and family, like – “So what are you doing these days? Did you get yourself a job yet? You’re just sitting at home? What do you do all day?” – can be a little… no, very very hard. But hey, there is no statement in the rulebook of “productivity” that says procrastination or idling is not productive enough! So, as predictable as it can get, I decided to start blogging about this and as it turns out, I feel good about it! But my productivity or, let’s call it un-idling, does not stop at just typing woeful stories of how I can’t get myself to do something but I’m going to actually try and un-idle myself a little bit! So I thought that since there are a dozen of you out there – who might either be unemployed or are freshers – trying to enter the ruthless, relentless, painfully scrutinizing industries of your choice, and are currently idling around – I could make, for starters a rulebook or a guide to fight the profound stages of idling! After all, tradition says an idle mind’s a devil’s playground! So let’s take it one step at a time and see what could be done to keep the devil away!

  1. Read. Read. Read!

img6 I’m a reader! So the first thing that comes to my mind for when I’ve got nothing else to do is read! Anything but romantic novels though… I could probably handle the intensity of a killer’s rage but not that of a tall, dark, handsome and an imprinting mysterious lover! Sorry M&B and Nicholas Sparks, among many… Sidney Sheldon – all time favorite… He had a way with his thrillers that makes me neither sleep till I’ve put the book down, nor are any of my first guesses ever right! Favourites- Morning, Noon and Night, The Doomsday Conspiracy, The Other Side of Midnight. Indian Writers – I love reading stuff about what goes on around me or what went on around when I wasn’t even born… As under appreciated as they are, Indian writers are worth every minute of a reader’s time! Favourites: Ashwin Sanghi, Shashi Tharoor, Aravind Adiga, Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, Jhumpa Lahiri Mythology – the most intriguing of all genres according to me. More so because it renders greatly to my imagination! Favourites: The Palace of Illusions, Yajnaseni, The Immortals of Meluha.

  1. Get up! Get out!

If you have a two-wheeler, then you’re just plain stupid to even think that you could stay in for the rest of the week or month or till whenever you’re idle! My companion is Zoe and she’s a Vespa (not the one you see in the pic below). She’s with me through rain, through heat, through storm. She’s adorable and she gives me the reason to get up and get out! tumblr_mqtm3elxjx1rkbbjjo1_500 I know you can’t get out of the house every day. It’s the safest, coziest haven. But try. Even if it is a five minute walk to your local bakery for a nice hot cup of tea! Or if it is to your neighbour’s house to borrow a bowl of sugar. Or even if it is for no apparent reason! You stay in too long and you slowly just say goodbye to the beautiful world outside!

  1. Do stuff that gives you some peace of mind!

Eternal-Sunshine-of-the-Spotless-Mind-quotes-13 Now, the concept of peace of mind could be different for you and me so don’t judge mine! For some it could be head banging to some really loud music while being ‘you know what’… for some it could mean going to a temple or church to get some quiet time… I don’t really know what actually gives me peace of mind but I know for sure that there are certain places in the pockets of my city that remain quite untouched by the shadows of commercialization and they’re actually pretty cool! So visiting those places and meeting the many people who reside there and live off the day’s earnings, makes me quite happy! P.S. You will be reading more of this stuff on The Idler Channel.

  1. Finally, watch your favourite soaps while eating junk and couching your potato self!

Yes, this post was meant to un-idle the mind. But I’m not one of those preachers who lives life by some kind of philosophy! After giving so much of your time to your books and to your neighbours and to your mind, you need some time for yourself too! So don’t be guilty if someone tells you “OMG can you just get you’re a** up and go do the laundry” or “you used to be so productive before and now you’re just always lazing around”.giphy The wait is long… being idle is hard enough in itself. But when I think of the time that my idle days would be over, I wonder if I would actually miss them. Maybe what they say is true – “you need to give your 100% all the time” and by that perhaps even when you’re idle! And on that note, while you decide whether or not to stay tuned to The Idler Channel, I’m going to be discovering some more interesting stuff to do, some interesting people to meet, some interesting memories to make and enjoy the art of un-idling! Ciao for now…