I’ve learned to list!

Joining Writing 101 has been an extremely overwhelming experience and Day 2 got me on my feet early in the morning (which practically never happens). With a cup of coffee and breathing in fresh morning air, while watching the rising Sun peep out through the clouds, I began making a list. This list is about the Things I’ve Learnt. Although I feel I may keep editing this list over and over again for the days, months and years to come. After all, there’s no limit to learning! 🙂

So here goes, I’ve learnt that –

Greeting an occasional stranger doesn’t make you a desperate person in need of friendship!

Sometimes it’s not about what you say or how you say it… It’s just about saying what’s in your mind and facing the consequences (good or bad) later.  

Being fickle minded is great! It shows how open-minded one is and how momentary they consider life as!

Being agnostic is not the same as being indecisive! It’s a decision in all it’s might! 🙂

When someone says you’ve changed, it’s a compliment (no matter how they say it).

Among a hundred friends, there’s always one who has the eagerness to get to know you better!

Sleeping through the day and working through night doesn’t mean I’m weird or ungodly!

If I do sleep through night and wake up early with a smile, it doesn’t mean I’ll do it again. I’m just experiencing different things!

We always have those friends in school who try to and want to be our buddies but we just never give them the attention. They’re perhaps the ones who share this plight with our parents as well!

It’s okay to talk about death. When mom tells me, “Make sure you donate my organs after I die,” I tell her, “You better start taking good care of them. Now you don’t want to cause a problem to the poor receiver do you?”

Teachers do remember you even if you were in a class of a 100 and were the most silent. They’ll remember you as “the silent one.” 😛 

Not watching Game of Thrones does not make me a boring, lifeless person!

When you’re a toddler, people decide what you might become based on certain attributes you showcase! You do not necessarily have to become that! It’s your life… you decide!

There’s a thin line that separates Living from Surviving. Once you get to know the difference, you’ll realise how huge that thin line actually is.

Moms and Dads constantly play good cop and bad cop (in no respective order). It makes sense ‘coz cops come across as frightening in the first instance irrespective of whether or not they’re good/bad! 😛

When a close friend says “I think I like you”, creating a formal distance just ‘coz you can’t reciprocate becomes the sole reason for a beautiful relationship to break before it’s even made.

Music does open your mind to newer thoughts, ideas, imaginations. Sometimes music makes me cry but it has something so endearing about itself that I can’t imagine it not being a part of my life or the writing process.

Taking a break right after Under-graduation, before pursuing higher studies can be the best decision ever made!

In our society, we live to please the other. If we start giving ourselves a little importance, maybe the society would give the same to us as well! But again, the concept of Society, I feel, is a myth! 😛

If you’re a good orator, it doesn’t mean you can’t be a good writer!

This exercise by Writing 101 is awesome! Thank you for helping me reflect on my own lessons learnt! 🙂