Getting back to writing isn’t that easy, even if it’s after a break of just a couple of weeks. But it’s true when people say that your inspiration to write is all around you and you just need to find it yourself.

My inspiration to write today – I’m menstrual and so, I’m impure!

Yeah, it does seem like one of those already written ones where you’re begged to come out of that inhibition that menstruation is not a bad thing, blah blah blah! Think of this as anything you’d like but let me make one thing very very clear… read this only if you want to accept the fact that a menstruating woman being called ‘impure’ in the name of tradition and long standing culture HURTS! sometimes even more than menstrual cramps!


Yes, in my culture, a menstruating woman is not allowed to touch anything that goes as an offering to God, nor is she allowed to go near a Godly space or even attend a traditional/religious function (even a wedding or a house warming ceremony). Why? ‘coz we’re impure! Wow, with what ease the word’s used to deem a bleeding woman! But look at it this way, the same woman bleeds while giving birth to another life and is then called mother. But she (the mother) isn’t looked at with eyes full of disgust or isn’t pushed away while at a ritualistic ceremony.

When we attain puberty at young ages and our very first menstrual cycle begins, we are loaded with presents that mark our womanhood. We are told that from now on our glorious life begins. But wait a second, what’s so glorious about being called impure? What’s so glorious about not being a part of occasions for the reason that we’re bleeding and SHOULD NOT demean the sanctity of certain rituals?


SHOULD NOT demean the sanctity of certain rituals? What about demeaning my respect by calling me impure? Your rituals aren’t going to catch fire just because there’s a woman present out there whose uterus decides to break down and is undergoing a completely biological process. When someone makes fun of a farting person, we say, it’s natural! Then what is so unnatural about having a period? It opens up a window of possibilities for someone wanting to have a baby, it’s that point when our body tells us to just slow down for a while and rest it out! If this is so hard for everyone to understand then why  show us the empty dream of a glorious life ahead while at the same time shame us in the name of God and rituals?

It’s not special treatment I seek after writing this. I seek understanding towards and acceptance of this concept. I’m not a different person just because I wear sanitary pads for four days in a month. Neither am I impure just because I happen to be undergoing an absolutely common gender related biological process! At one hand if you say that “we’re in the 21st century and we need to change the way our thinking works”, then start that change from here.

I’m a woman! I bleed! I’m impure?

Well, it’s not I who’s impure, it’s your mind!