Eat Sleep Write

The other day, while in conversation with my sister and her hubby, the unavoidable topic of what I do on a regular basis came up. Yeah, sometimes it does intrigue people how much someone would love being an idler. However, the reason I call myself that is still not quite understood by everyone, hence the question – What do you do all day as an idler?

So I came up with this three worded answer that not only they found hilarious but has to an extent put an end to the recurrence of that question as well! Incidentally, today’s Writing 101 assignment required me to write about what I do when I don’t write. So I decided to write a little about what I do all day – Eat Sleep Write.

I mean it. That’s practically my daily routine in a nutshell. Does it get tiring? Well, there’s plenty entertainment a lazy one could ask for so there’s nothing that tires me or bores me as such. So what do I do when don’t write? I eat and sleep. There are occasions when between the eating and sleeping, I’d decide to probably go out for a ride, while running some outdoor errands, or I’d catch up with a few friends reminiscing the good ol’ school or college days. Since I write content for a few companies, I decide to pay an impromptu visit to their offices and do what I’m best at – get the place dancing! 😛

But most of the time, being lazy charges me up! 🙂


So how do I reset and refresh back to my dashboard? Well, taking a break from writing is hard enough as it is. So each time I decide to cut short the break, I find myself refreshed enough to write again. It’s like an addiction – the longer you stay away from it, the more enchanting it gets when you go back to it (I hope I’ve made the right analogy).

Coming back to Eat Sleep Write, I’m no wannabe Elizabeth Gilbert! I don’t think I’m even a quarter of what she is. But yes, the title of this post has definitely been inspired by the one of her memoir!

Many a time, I’ve been criticized for being extremely and annoyingly involved with my writing and by extension, glued to my laptop. I wouldn’t deny it. But I wouldn’t say I feel sorry about it either. This is all the time I have, perhaps! Writing 101 also asked me what gives me balance in life – the answer would again be Eat Sleep Write. I know this situation is probably temporary. But isn’t every situation so?

As of today, I get all the sleep I want, I eat all the food I can and I write whatever comes into my mind and that’s the best balance my life’s ever had!

PS: it’s been quite an up and down week since I decided to give into the incessant requests of my loved ones to “just put the laptop aside and stop being anti-social”. Turns out, I fell in love with blogging even more – so Booyah! 😀