A laughable rejection

So I’ve now reached this point where unemployment is beginning to kick right into my consciousness. I think, for the worst part, it’s been rather overwhelming to hop from company to company, talk to different people asking for recommendations and facing the inevitable ‘no-responses’. 

Hey but don’t feel too bad. There’s one thing an idler can always be good at. Enjoying the phase of being idle. Yeah well there is that point that pocket money from your parents can never come to you forever. There’s that inglorious feeling of not wanting to spend their money (although they say it’s all yours as well) on all things you wish to do. 

Although there’s one person who’s ridding me off my misery. Elizabeth Gilbert. Such a coincidence that I chance on her book Big Magic right when I need a little magic to do the trick for me as well. It’s not exactly a guide to feel better in the face of unemployment. But it does put a smile on my face with every turning page. Creative living- well a little fearless creativity can help everyone. If you haven’t read it yet, well give it a shot. The woman might really be a magician. 

So here I am, smiling away right after reading my very first rejection letter. Doesn’t seem any different from the ‘no responses’ actually. But what the hell, they’re not running away from me for too long! *wink wink*


One thought on “A laughable rejection

  1. My husband went through the same not long ago, a period of unemployment. And it’s hard not to feel rejected, not to feel the sting of people who just don’t respond at all or don’t return your phone calls. But there in,y has to be one ‘yes’ among all the ‘no’, so keep the faith!

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