Over 2 months

Can’t imagine the last I’d posted was over 2 months ago! But you know what they say about best friends… you can just catch up from where you left, even if it’s been a ten year gap! Thankfully, I made up my sleepy mind to write this post and only then hit the rock!

However, these 2 months haven’t really been merciless on me, taking me on a guilt trip for having not blogged. Instead, the past two months have gone by, swiftly capturing some of the life changing moments for a lot of people.

Well, I turned a year older and saw a lot of mixing – of relationships, cultures, emotions, anticipations. It’s funny how things change and with each transforming moment, we hold onto something or the other that’s more than dear to us – freedom, a daughter, a family, a career or something else.

Well, I’d love to elaborate on that thought but it’s going to take a lot of ‘reflecting-on-myself’ which I’m turning down from for a bit. But as long as the past two months stay fresh in my mind, I’m not really going to run out of topics.

Until next time 🙂