Don’t be sorry… Just Take it Back! :)

“Being impulsive is not right!” I don’t say this… but some do. Honestly, I’ve always envied those who just say everything that comes to their mind at the first shot and get over with it. While on the other hand there are people who think and rethink and think again before they’d say anything and in the end, the words just don’t translate their thoughts. They’re the diplomatic ones who keep everyone happy!

Honestly, being impulsive or diplomatic doesn’t matter. We are the way we are and no matter what we do or say or think, we are wonderful! We must never forget that.

But a conversation, no matter how magnificent; can be quite dangerous a concept for mankind. They have this innate quality that allows them to culminate into the most unfortunate endings where there’s hardly any room for an apology!

But there’s always room for one to “Take it Back”!

It happened while I was in conversation with a friend at his office and I mentioned something he ‘should’ have done. He responded in a calm voice, “I don’t believe in what’s not done in the past. Try taking it back and putting it as a suggestion for the future without mentioning the past at all.” As he said, I did. I ‘took it back’ and rephrased it the way he asked me to. I can’t really explain how I felt at that exact moment. But I know for sure that it only made me smile for having spoken something positive. After trying it a couple more times in different situations, I felt the need to talk about it (so, here I am)!


Imagine yourself in a conversation with a friend or a partner. There’s no way you both are ever in agreement with what the other says. But overtime, it just becomes a habit to negate the other even if you later realize that he/she was right. But you’re impulsive and way too egoistic (which is awesome) to accept it ‘coz you know it’ll end up in an apology from you ;-).

It’s the beauty of the human mind. We take some time to process things that happen around us. By default, every human being is impulsive in nature. Being impulsive doesn’t make you any less kind as a person. Instead, it only highlights the most wonderful attribute of our existence – Imperfection.

When you say, “I take it back”, it basically translates into “Okay, so, I was wrong when I said that, it shouldn’t have sounded that way. What I really meant was…”

Now you’re probably thinking, “It’s easy to just keep talking about all this crap!” I agree. It’s easy to talk about it and it’s definitely not easy to just take back your words especially the first few times when you have no clue what went wrong. But once you do, it gives way for ego to pass, for arrogance to no longer be descriptive about us and above all, it takes the burden off the word ‘Sorry’!

I write this blog post with a smile on my face, for I’ve experienced first-hand, the virtue of taking it back. When you try this – and you will – with all your heart and soul, being honest to yourself more than anyone else; make sure you know how you feel. Don’t do it just for the heck of it. There are a hundred situations in a day when we say something we shouldn’t and out of those we are aware of at least 98 of such situations. That gives you enough practice to master the art of taking it back!

Do feel free to share your thoughts on this as well! Make sure you leave a comment!

Stay happy!


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