Something New to Start With

Now that I’ve finally decided to consider blogging on a regular basis and improve my expressiveness with the art of writing, it would make a whole lot of sense if I did it with some amazing guidance! So I stumbled upon (fortunately) a post on my wordpress reader titled “Blogging 101 Starts Monday – Are You Ready?” And I was like… Woah! This just couldn’t get better!

 After about 7 failed attempts at blogging, creating numerous blog sites (don’t bother wondering what they were about) which either ended up empty or were deleted by me, I thought if I could just find a particular situation and write stuff around it, I could hit something besides a big wall! My situation, as you would have read or will read in my very first post is about being idle and having to deal with the outcomes of planning way too much in life!

 So here I am, fulfilling my very first task on blogging101 which expected me to write about myself and why I’m here. But more than anything, I would love to see how this entire experience unfolds and what blogging101 would do to me as an infant blogger (it’s not really a term but I love the sound of it!)


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